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Independent Spine Medical Evaluations
and Spine Medical-Legal Reviews

The combination of clinical thinking and evidence-based medicine practice for a spine specialty focus.

Licensed in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.

Evidence-based Medicine

The concepts of evidence-based medicine have been the cornerstone of Dr. Dillin’s education during his spine surgery fellowship in Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic Surgery and critical thinking the format for decision-making in his subsequent practice.

The analytic features inherent in the ‘best evidence’ approach to patients have permeated his writing and lectures, allowing flexible adaptation as the science has changed. Since July 1985, Dr. Dillin has been exclusively devoted to clinical spine, interventional spine, and spine surgery practice.

Visual Education

Dr. Dillin supports ViewMedica’s efforts to bring visual education to medicine. Visual spine education is offered to facilitate patient education, not endorse a specific technique.

Recent Articles

February 6, 2024

“The Trial of the Medical Expert Witness”

I spent 2022-2023 in clinical practice and at the Effective Writing in Health Care program sponsored by Harvard Medical School. The program encompassed online and onsite (Boston) attendance. My study subject was the history of the expert witness in general, and more specifically, the medical expert witness. My capstone project, from the ‘Writing for the Public’, division follows. This is the narrative account of “The Trial of the Medical Expert Witness.”